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3 things Hiring Managers Expect When They Interview

3 Things Hiring Managers Expect When They Interview

No matter what role or industry you are in, all hiring managers have 3 minimum expectations. If you are well-prepared, these are very easy. However, many candidates fall short in these critical areas. You know what is on your resume and are able to talk about it If you put something on your resume, be […]

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4 Things to Remember When Making Your Next Hire

I’m sure most of you have read articles and blogs with tips on the right questions to ask when making a hire; or maybe you have been hiring for years and hand crafted a personal hiring technique.  Whether you are experienced or brand new to hiring, here are a few things to keep in mind […]

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where are my resumes

Hey Recruiters – Where Are My Resumes?

We’ve heard it before and we will hear it again; those 4 little words that cut deep for any recruiter: Where are my resumes? Whether they are coming from a hiring manager or your internal account manager, coming face to face with the infamous “where are my resumes” question is never easy and answering it […]

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Effective Interviewing is a Skill

General Manager, Ryan Clutterbuck shares advice on the corporate hiring process. “Effective Interviewing is a skill and most hiring managers are never trained on how to do it” Did you know most hiring managers are never trained to conduct effective interviews? I recently had the opportunity to visit several clients who were looking for our […]

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Job Seekers! Make Sure Your Resume Stands Out

As recruiters, we post new jobs almost every day with each posting bringing in anywhere from 20 to 100 applicants. It’s been said that a recruiter can read a resume and determine if it would be a fit in 20 seconds or less. Now many may be thinking: “That doesn’t seem like a lot of […]

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