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The Advantage: Building a Cohesive Leadership

I recently started reading “The Advantage” by Patrick Lencioni.  Lencioni discusses the necessary foundation, and building blocks to achieving a healthy organization. He talks about four major components to making organizational health part of the reader’s corporate environment: Build a Cohesive Leadership Team Create Clarity Over communicate Clarity Reinforce Clarity

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6 Ways to Reinforce Positivity in the Workplace

Attitudes are contagious. Now ask yourself, is yours worth catching? This past weekend I had an eye-opening experience that reinforced the importance of keeping a positive attitude in tough or challenging situations. So, what attitudes are you displaying at work? Is it one that reinforces positivity and optimism? Read below to learn 6 ways to […]

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Flexible Workplace Scheduling: Taking Back Control of Our Well-Being

In my work as a talent development professional, I interview many people of all ages and backgrounds, but there is one question that comes up in every interview: are there flexible scheduling opportunities? Last year, a large-scale survey of U.S. companies estimated that approximately 45% of businesses with more than 50 employees offer some type […]

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