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Recognizing When People Take the Initiative

As an employer, you hope people will take the initiative. You want people to be proactive, see an opportunity and come up with a solution. Here at DAVIS, we strive to foster an environment that allows people to jump in and take the initiative and we also focus on recognizing and celebrating that behavior when […]

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When Sales Meets Passion Purpose & Product

When Sales Meets Passion, Purpose & Product

Recently we were asked to provide the “Top 5” reasons to choose our company as the primary vendor of an account. Below is the response we submitted… yes we broke a rule by submitting 6, but sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. I thought it was worth sharing because I liked our answers. […]

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What Really is Company Culture and How Should You Cultivate It?

What Really is Company Culture & How Should You Cultivate It?

The term ‘Company Culture’ gets thrown around a lot; in interviews, company meetings, conversations with managers or peers, and for many job seekers. If you Google the term, many definitions or examples come up. But what really is company culture to employees and employers? And more importantly, how do you plant the right seed of […]

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The Difference Between a Mission & Vision Statement

An organization describes its objective and goals through a mission and vision statement. At The DAVIS Companies we recently created a focus group program. There are five focus groups each meeting to improve a certain area of our business. This is a voluntary program and involves all of our offices across all different departments. What […]

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