The Davis Management Services Program

A premier leader in the staffing industry, we provide a unified staffing management solution seamlessly integrated into the fabric of your corporate culture and business environment. To do this, all our programs are structured as full-service, turnkey business solutions. No two programs are exactly alike - They succeed because our staff works in close partnership with your organization to develop processes and procedures dedicated to your unique requirements.

We listen
Value-added services such as customized applicant recruiting and screening, tailored orientations, streamlined management reports, unique training programs and on-site Davis representatives, are a few of the cornerstones we've included in our programs. Most importantly however, we listen. We take time to learn your organization and its special features and thus build our business one relationship at a time.

100% Satisfaction
By utilizing a nationwide network of recruiting and staffing resources, for virtually every skill set, Davis not only meets 100% of your staffing needs, we guarantee it. It is our ability to partner closely with our employees, clients and business partners that enables us to identify highly qualified professionals and ensure our customers' satisfaction. By consistently outperforming our clients' expectations, we have become the organization we are today: Davis Management Services, the Human Resource for staffing management.

Key Benefits
Choose from a long list of value-added services to design a partnership that enhances your hiring process.

  • Consolidation of Vendors
  • Pre-employment Screening Testing/Orientation
  • Consulting/Forecasting
  • Significant Cost Savings
  • ADP Payroll Management
  • Consolidated Electronic Invoicing
  • Streamlined Management Reporting/Tracking System
  • Client-specific Testing and Training
  • Standardized Guidelines and Procedures
  • Staffing Expertise

Utilizing the specialized recruitment divisions of Davis, along with a network of recruiting resources to assist in virtually all areas, Davis Management Services can not only meet 100% of your staffing needs, we can guarantee it.

The Davis Partner Network is an organized approach to the long-term strategic alliances we’ve built with our sub-vendors. General and specialty agencies we work with every day to fill 100% of your staffing needs. The Staffing Partner Network is dedicated to acquiring, evaluating, and overseeing all of these relationships - over 300 such partnerships in place across the country.
Consolidating with DAVIS - one phone call, and we put an army of experts into action. Open to the best – giving you access to the best available candidates for every position.

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical
  • Administrative & Clerical
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Manufacturing/Technical
  • Distribution
  • Human Resource Management and Consulting
  • Training