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Massachusetts Pay Equity Act

What You Should Know About the Massachusetts Pay Equity Act

In 2016, Massachusetts was the first state to pass a law that bans employers from asking candidates about their salary history. This new law has brought the gender pay equality issue to light across the country and since its passing, other cities and states have adopted similar laws and still more are jumping on this bandwagon.

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candidates are people

Candidates Are People – Not Revenue

After being in the engineering staffing services industry for over 11 years, I have met countless recruitment professionals and even more qualified candidates across the country and across various skillsets. You know that you are speaking to a good Recruiter when the successes they discuss are centered around helping the folks around them, as opposed […]

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time management

3 Ways to Master Your Time Management Skills

A few weeks ago, I attended training with Employers Association of the Northeast on Time Management and Time Mastery. Many of us struggle to manage our time throughout the work day, but we often don’t know how to solve that problem. Tasks get left uncompleted, unfavorable work gets pushed into the next day, we become […]

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food drive competition

A Food Drive: Internal Competition and Helping the Community

We’re a competitive bunch in our office. We try to gamify a lot of what we do. DAVIS has high-achievers and people that grew up playing sports…the “win” is important! So, in order to guarantee that our internal events will be successful, we make it a competition. This goes for our community service programs, too.

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DAVIS Donates 200 Backpacks to Kids in Need

2017 will mark the 11th year of the The DAVIS Companies Backpack Giveback! This program allows the DAVIS staff to connect with local families by providing kids, in grades K-5, with backpacks filled with much needed school supplies. The DAVIS Companies purchase the backpacks and the employees buy the supplies, and sort and fill the […]

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Make eye contact smile and say hello

Make Eye Contact, Smile, and Say Hello

Have you ever walked to a meeting or the restroom and passed a coworker who literally avoided eye contact? This is very common in today’s world of looking at cell phones and being passive to human interaction. But it still confuses me why this is the new norm.

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