Off the Cuff

References 101: The Key to a Successful Reference Call

References are a very important part in the job-search process. Most companies spend time diving into a candidate’s background before making them an offer. For this reason and many more, it is extremely important to pick your references carefully. Here are a few tips to help you choose your references.

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Why Politics Should Be Kept Out of the Office

With my first name being Hilary, you can imagine what my life has been like since Bill Clinton was in office.  Whenever I introduce myself to someone for the first time, including at the office, I inevitably hear the words “Oh, like Hillary Clinton”.  Yes, same name, different spelling.  I never get “Oh, like Hilary […]

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DAVIS Celebrates making the BBJ Best Places to Work List

Every company wants to be considered a Best Places to Work – but here at DAVIS we’re excited that our employees in Massachusetts and Atlanta have shared their feedback on employee engagement surveys and we’ve been awarded these accolades! Last week we were honored to be with 79 other Massachusetts based companies to make the […]

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