Author: Lindsay Lemieux

6 Ways to Reinforce Positivity in the Workplace

Attitudes are contagious. Now ask yourself, is yours worth catching? This past weekend I had an eye-opening experience that reinforced the importance of keeping a positive attitude in tough or challenging situations. So, what attitudes are you displaying at work? Is it one that reinforces positivity and optimism? Read below to learn 6 ways to […]

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Motivating Your Staff Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation

Motivating Your Staff: Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation

Dwight Eisenhower said, “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want because he or she wants to do it.” Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had such passion, commitment and enthusiasm about their work that they just performed without having to be told? Well it’s possible! But first you must […]

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The Importance of Continued Professional Training

Companies often invest a lot more time, money and energy in the professional development and training of new hires than established employees. According to Forbes “spending on corporate training grew by 15% (the highest growth rate in seven years) to over $70 billion in the U.S.” Yes, that’s right, billion with a “B.” It can […]

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Finding the Right Candidate in a Tough Market

The state of Massachusetts’ unemployment rate dropped to 4.5 percent, which is great for the economy, but makes a Recruiter’s job a bit more difficult. At times like these a Recruiter has to work smarter and be creative to capture the right candidate pool for a hard-to-fill position. Of course, depending on the role, there […]

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Setting a New Year’s Resolution (Anytime of the Year)

A friend over this past weekend asked everyone at the breakfast table, “Did everyone set their New Year’s Resolutions?” As I was about to answer with a laundry list of goals another friend quickly chimed in, “What is with New Year’s Resolutions? We can set goals at any time.” I went back and forth in […]

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5 Tips for Success When Working from Home

Advances in technology and mobile electronics have made working from home more and more common. Depending on your work situation some jobs can be performed within the walls of your home, but there are a few things you must keep in mind when working from home. It may be tempting to finish up the laundry, […]

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