Author: Galen Verney

Workplace Dynamics: The Multi-Generational “Dilemma

Workplace Dynamics: The Multi-Generational “Dilemma”

Mom and Dad, the Forgotten Older Middle Child, the Whiny Hipster with a Trophy…. ​ Workplace dynamics are more complex than ever before! Or are they? There have always been 20 somethings working at companies alongside 50 somethings, so why does it feel like now in 2016 people are hypersensitive to the different generations in […]

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Do You Know Your Company’s Cost-Per-Hire

Do You Know Your Company’s Cost-Per-Hire ?

Most businesses know what it costs them to turn the lights on each month or have enough printer paper. They know what it costs to ship their goods and cover payroll, but it’s surprising to hear that the majority of companies and hiring managers are unaware of their cost-per-hire. 

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what makes a good customer

What Makes a Good Customer?

What is a good customer? In the business world, aren’t all customers “good customers”? That’s not always the case. If your business is in survival mode, you need customers desperately and will take anything you can get. If you’re in a more stable position it is important to partner with ideal customers, and have a means to […]

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The Great 2016 Job Migration

A recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder found that more than one-fifth, or 21% of employees plan to leave their current employers over the course of 2016. Besides salary, the top reasons for employees to consider a job move according to the survey results were Job Stability, Benefits, Location, Good Boss, and Good Work Culture. One-fifth of […]

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National Time to Fill Job Vacancies at a 15-Year High

DiceHiring Indicators just recently released a report that measures the average time it takes to fill vacant positions. Their study found that the national average is 27 working days to fill an open job, a 15-year high. A job being filled is defined as an offer being accepted, and there usually is additional time until […]

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Diverge from the Competition – And Not on Price!

Today it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, where you’re located or whether you provide a service or product; the market is crowded and competitive. So how do you diverge from your competition? Perhaps you can separate yourself on price. You could undercut your competition however, often times the quality of your product or […]

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