Author: Andrea Pion

DAVIS Launches Microsite to Commemorate 30 Years in Business!

How do you commemorate a business being around for 30 years? As we were planning to celebrate our 30 years in business we realized that we wouldn’t be around and growing if it wasn’t for our client customers, our candidates and employees, our community that we have supported and has helped encourage us, as well […]

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Using Twitter and Facebook to Get a Job

Everyone talks about social media and how you can use it to research a company. You can learn about the company culture based on their Facebook presence. Twitter can help you understand how the company interacts in their marketplace and with their business prospects. Now it’s your turn. It’s time for you to use social […]

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Prepping for the Summer Intern

You got approval to hire a summer intern! Yeah! Someone to do all the stuff you and your team haven’t been able to get to for months, right? WRONG! A summer intern is there to help, yes, but they are also there to learn, ask questions and have a true work experience –  not just […]

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