5 Tips to Keep Motivated & Productive in the Summer

5 Tips to Keep Motivated & Productive in the Summer4th of July has come and gone! Last week was a heavy week of celebration and vacation, but we’re only just getting into the heart of the season. So how can you motivate yourself and stay productive in the summer?

Here are a few ideas to keep yourself on track…

Wake up!

The sun is up early and the days are longer. Make the most of it! Get a work out in or start your tasks early. Maximizing your days will make you feel great and more productive.

 Stay cool.

Set an optimal temperature in your work environment. If you run hotter than most, make sure you have a desk fan ready to go.

Ice cream anyone? (Or slush if that’s your thing)

Keep some ice cream or cold treats for the office! Just because you are stuck inside during your summer days doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a summer treat.

Take a walk.

Are you hitting a 3pm wall? Take a quick walk around the building; get some blood pumping and fresh air in those lungs.

Set new goals.

Whether personal or professional, nothing can be more motivating than setting and sticking to a new goal.

What other tips would you have for staying motivated and productive during the summer? Comment below or Tweet us @TheDavisCos.